A Maine Coon Cattery devoted to breeding high quality healthy kittens to approved homes.
JustaKatz is an in home cattery, located in Tifton, GA. Where cats are family and kittens are an addition. Here at JustaKatz we are devoted to breeding quality healthy kittens, and to place them in forever loving approved homes. Kittens from JustaKatz represent the wild appearance that is the ONLY native breed to North America. With a feral appearance, their playful personality and high intelligence for understanding human emotions, truely makes them gentle GIANTS.
​Scorpio   August 2017                                                     Velvet and daughter April 2017

A Maine Coon Diet

Maine Coons (all cats actually) are obligate (strict) carnivores. What does it mean to be an ‘obligate carnivore’?  Obligate carnivores or "true" carnivores depend on the nutrients only found in animal flesh for their survival. While they may consume small amounts of plant material, they lack the physiology required for efficient digestion of vegetables.
 For all the information you will ever need about feeding an appropriate species diet, Go to this website: Feline Nutrition Foundation