Available Kittens

updated 8.06.19

As kitten births come- so do kitten sales-
As this time comes - discussion of pricing comes up.
Please understand that it is at great expense - and even risk that these cats are imported.(European lines).
They come usually as kittens and then you feed, do genetic testing on, love and raise them for 8+ months before you are close to bringing a new litter into the world.
The expenses continue to roll in.
The amount of money spent is actually pretty mind boggling..
Finally you produce kittens that are the look you are striving for- and your able to produce a few pet kittens as a by product of this.
This is your one and only chance to recoup expenditures for a VERY EXPENSIVE hobby.
The average import runs about $3500/US to get from breeder to your home... “average litter size” is 5 kittens- some queens never breed- some might only give you 1 litter.
Current pricing for pet kittens is $1200-$2500
(Rarely you might see an $800/$1000)..
Many factors go into this... cost of breeding pair- size of litter etc.
Location of cattery (regional expense impact).
These are not inexpensive kittens to obtain- or maintain.
Many people ask about pricing- some are respectfully surprised— others not so much.
Please remember we are happy to share our beautiful babies...
But even retired breeders run $800-$1200... (Some may never of even had kittens, but retired from the program)
Again these are not inexpensive.. if you want a cat with all the rarest features- expect to pay top dollar.
A high shaded silver - Polydactyl kitten will easily run $2500
Unless it is not breed standard and is not much to look at.
In this as in everything else.
You get what you pay for.

Available Alters

From time to time we have a kitten or a Retiring Queen that we have raised and later decide not to incorporate into or retire from our breeding program. When this happens we alter them and make them available at the cost of vetting. These are still very loving Maine Coons.
Daisy is approximately 2.5 years old. She has had a litter of kittens, although a wonderful mother, it is time for her to have a loving forever family where she will be loved and treated like the queen she is. Her Spay was on 5/28, and is available for adoption. Vetting $500
Karma is an imported Maine Coon, born in December of 2017. She will be retiring in October and will be available for the cost of her Vetting.
Xena is an imported Maine Coon, she was born in December of 2017. Xena has never had kittens and is a very loving cat. Do to things not in her control or ours she has been spayed and is available for the cost of her vetting.

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